Battling The Elements

September 2017

Torrential downpours, unstable and muddy subgrade, and the bitter cold, these are just some of the factors that can turn an otherwise straightforward build into a tricky challenge. These are what we had to face when we worked on building a multi-sport oval for Trinity College.

We completed the project through the winter from March to September of 2017. A time when the area was hit with heavy rain and cold weather, not the ideal situation when you have heavy machinery on-site with poor subgrade conditions. These caused some slight delays to the project. Not only did we have to weather the downpour, but we also had to think of a solution to stabilise the subgrade.

Thankfully, however, our team is comprised of some of the most dedicated and tenacious individuals. People who would sooner brave the storm than go home without accomplishing their tasks. Our industry veterans, Travis Knight and Gavin Longworth took on project management, construction was handled by Ryan Wilson and the installation by John Raymond. Working together with the school’s staff, Morton Dunn Architects and all the other passionate individuals involved, our team was able to pull through and deliver an amazing new facility for the college.


We used our FIFA-quality Vmax 50 for the playing field, a unique blend of fibrillated and monofilament yarns formulated with durability in mind. Then for the running track, we opted for a CONICA Conipur SP to ensure great traction and strength.

After all the challenges, the resulting facility was worth all the effort. Trinity College Principal, Tim O’Farrell even commented that the new field looks “amazing in real life and in the photos.” Timothy Perks, Project Superintendent for Morton Dunn Architects stated that they were very proud of their involvement with the project. “We are sure that the college and the community will continue to enjoy the excellent facilities for many years to come.”

Tuff Group World Class Sport. Trinity College Education Athletics

The new facility has opened up new possibilities for the college as their new oval not only helps draw in more new students, they now also have a facility that they can use come rain or shine.