Delivering Greatness

March 2021.

Tight deadlines and even tighter site access. These were just some of the challenges we had to overcome with this project for the Veneto Club, a project supported by the State Government through the North East Link Project. Thankfully, these obstacles were nothing new for our experienced Tuff Group crew and we were able to power through them and deliver an elite synthetic pitch for our clients. Working as a subcontractor for Mainbrace Constructions, we were able to provide the full construction package.




This included all the earthwork, fencing, lighting and surrounding landscape and concrete work. With a lot of work planned, a tight turnaround time and even tighter access to the site we knew this wasn’t going to be an easy build. Not to mention, we encountered subgrade issues that needed to be addressed to ensure the structural integrity of the base. Fortunately, we had multiple trades working side by side to help each other which made it easier to take on each challenge as they came up. With the high level of importance of the client and significance of the project to the club and the wider community, we assigned some of our very best to carry out this project. Industry veteran and Tuff Group Commercial Operations Manager Travis Knight led the charge to help our team deliver the high standards Tuff Group is known for. Anthony Rodriguez, Ryan Wilson, Garth Andrews, John Raymond, and each member of our crew also made key contributions and put in long hours to get the job done right and on time. From the moment this project began in October 2020 our team hit the ground running until the day it was completed in March 2021.