Since the beginning, Tuff Group has developed a world-class surface system available across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. We are the only business capable of providing a true end-to-end service from discovery and consulting through to the delivery and maintenance of all forms of sports surfaces.

Fraser Gehrig

Managing Director

Our business has developed and significantly evolved since making our start over 10 years ago. The exciting industry we chose to play in has also matured and expanded alongside us. I’m still as eager as the day we started to make a difference in this space as we continue to excel in our product innovation and service benchmarks.
I’ve spent valuable time ‘in the trenches.’ I’ve seen the best surface solutions and the experience required to accomplish what we do every day. Our ever-growing and passionate team of specialists share the same values: to achieve excellence in all we do.
With a wealth of hands-on experience at the manufacturing and retail level while living up to standards that go beyond world-class; we push to exceed our own expectations so we are confident we can surpass yours.
We are grateful for the opportunities to deliver amazing projects and for the many satisfied clients we’ve worked with. Don’t take my word for it though: take the time to read the featured projects and see what we’ve been able to accomplish.
This company profile has been years in the making. Tanya and I invite you to be a part of our journey towards greatness.
I am personally involved in the Tuff Group business every day. I’m enthusiastic about providing the greatest products and services to suit our clients.
Whether it’s a quick question or a whole project quote, we’ll be humbled and grateful to help you out, as part of our extended team.
With my best regards,
Fraser Gehrig.