Thinking Outside The Box

Problem-solving is an important foundation for success. It is one we have built up over the years through hard work, experience and thinking outside the box. To put it simply, Tuff Group never backs down from a challenge and will always strive to overcome whatever obstacle comes our way. These are the traits we were able to fully display when we were tasked with building a multi-sport facility for Parkdale Primary School. The project only took three months from October to December 2014, but it pushed us to think on our feet so we can do what we do best: deliver high-quality work.

Our team was met with several unusual factors fresh out of the gate. Asbestos was evident in part of the demolition which required careful handling. This caused some delays as we had to ensure it was removed safely and efficiently. Then we were faced with an even tougher obstacle as the grade of the land meant there were extreme flooding and ponding on the existing area. It was a massive problem that required an innovative solution. Thankfully, we had a team of highly skilled professionals to deal with just such issues.

The project was handled by Commercial Operations Manager Travis Knight who then handed it over to the very versatile Luke Manning who took care of construction and did it exceptionally well. It is no wonder Luke is now one of our Sales Managers as he understands all the elements of the project, from the client’s perspective to the contractor’s. The Tuff Group team then started working on a novel solution – we designed our very own vertical drainage system. It worked so well, there has never been any ponding in the area since. Even the school officials commented on the design and could not believe how efficiently it drained.

After addressing all the issues, we were able to deliver an elite facility for Parkdale Primary School utilising our MultiCourt Signature for the running track and TuffPlay 40 for the playing field. The facility has also stood the test of time thanks to Garth Andrews and the Tuff Maintenance crew who have expertly maintained the field on a quarterly basis. In fact, if you see the field today, you would never be able to guess how old it was.

Despite all the difficulties, we were able to pull through thanks in no small part to the great partnership we had with our clients; from the dedicated principal, Leanne; the enthusiastic facility manager, Mark; and the passionate people of the Victorian Education Department. We worked so well with everyone we have since completed several other projects for them. To this day, Parkdale Primary, with its safe and practical recreation facilities, has remained on the top of the list of schools in the local community.